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Lily Pads in our stocked fish pond!!

A few videos for your viewing pleasure... 

One of the best things about LIGHT OF DAWN RAINFOREST is that you can choose to stay in nature for your entire visit and be enchanted or..... you can visit Quepos, Manual Antonio State Park and outdoor attractions like ziplining,  water rafting, visiting the nearby vanilla farm and horsebackriding. It's the best of both worlds!
For birdwatching enthusiasts, butterfly watchers and hikers... You have reached your paradise!

Pictures of the Cozy Cabin and more details!


The Villa!   Room by Room!


The Sounds Of The Rainforest

Dawn is a magical time of day, here it is in the Mountain of Clouds...

This video is from a little store called CARGO in downtown Quepos, Costa Rica. I found some very interesting stuff in there! Check it out!

A Little Rock and Roll Nitelife in Quepos, Costa Rica

At the "Dos Amigos"...  in Quepos. If you get a yen for a cold coke or fresh pineapple juice and some classic rock, this is the place to be on a Wednesday or a Saturday afternoon....  

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