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Welcomes you with a dazzling array of tropical plants, trees and flowers. We are in the mountainous rainforest where cool breezes and nature in harmony prevails. We have two locations for your vacation or honeymoon enjoyment on our 225 cares of virgin rainforest, The Cozy House Cabin and The Villa, each with mesmerizing views and comfortable ambiance.

About Us

“I had the time of my life at Light of Dawn... It was so beautiful, words can not describe the absolutely stunning natural environment. Hiking, swimming and going into Quepos was so much fun..."


New York

Love Letters

“​ We spent our 10th anniversary in such lavish surroundings, we fell in love all over again... thank you so much for making that milestone truly memorable. We will be back for our 20th! Thanks Again!

Rosemary and Rob

San Fransisco

“​ Our vacation was so wonderful, we don't know which was better... The food Edgar cooked, going to Manuel Antonio and swimming in those bath water temperatures (I've never been in salty, ocean water that warm), hiking around the property, meeting and visiting with Edgar and Clara. Everything was so amazingly awesome and our photos came out great too! We can't tell you how much we enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful property. 

Roberta and Max

New York

Enchanted Forests...


Total Privacy...


The nursery where plants get started!
Wathching the palnts as they grow

Currently we have an application in to Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal    (FONAFIFO).


FONAFIFO is a Costa Rica government organization that supports people who reforest and/or protect the rainforest.  We are hoping they accept our application.  We'll know in November of 2014 and we're hoping to protect about 120 acres.


As the stewards of this beautiful land, we take out responsibility seriously to protect it and keep it pristine.

It is both our honor and privilege to do this. On a daily basis, we are out and about, clearing paths, planting trees and flowers and making sure that life goes on as it has for millenia.  We take great pride in keeping the natural order intact and flourishing. 


You will notice how the forest is like a living being in and of itself. The cloud cover protects the trees, the rain keeps the soil moist for growing and the ants and animals break down various earth matter, and cycles continue to manifest and repeat.


The Farm: 


We grow/raise yucca, pineapple, manzana de agua, banana, platano, rice, black beans, red beans, tilapia, eggs, lemons, limes, and a variety of other fruit.


Did you know?


The ecological and environmental benefits produced by a single growing tree are invaluable. What is one tree worth if allowed to grow for fifty years?

A total of $196,250, according to American Forests Magazine 1996, broken down as follows:

  • $62,500 in air pollution control

  • $37,500 in water recycling and humidity control

  • $31,500 worth of oxygen

  • $31,250 in soil benefits

  • $31,250 in wildlife shelter

  • $2,500 worth of protein in bark and leaves consumed by wildlife


                                      Doesn’t it make good sense to plant more trees?


Nurturing the new shoots!!
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