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Here at Light Of Dawn we delight in making your dreams come true. Our packages are tailored specifically for you. All Inclusive Villa Honeymoon, Villa Honeymoon, Family Villa, Group Villa or Solo Cabin, we create the perfect combination of lodging, activities, ammenities and menus just for you!  

The Naranjo River where you can enjoy a rock walk or a walk by the rushing waters. Very close to our waterfalls!
Enjoy Spectacular Sunsets!

All Inclusive Villa Honeymoon 

Honeymoons are out specialty and we love to create a romantic mood, serve delectable meals that will inspire passion and cater to your wild desires. 

World Class Dining can be added to any Package

Full Menu of Culinary Delights!!

Edgar Chacon, your host and master chef,  creates signature dishes and makes them beautiful with a turn of wrist... sculpting a rose or an fish from a carrot!   Extraordinarily Enticing! 

Welcome To Your Villa!

Villa or Cabin Rental Only

The Villa is available for your family or group. The Villa sleeps 8 comfortably and more can be accomodated. The cabin sleeps 4.

Extended Stays

Chill out in the hammock!!

Considering a longer hiatus from the chilly north in the winter? Or perhaps you are writing a book and need quiet and solitude to gather your thoughts. Look no further, you have found your 

hideaway. Let us know how we can solidify your plans...  

Your Chef and Host is
Edgar Chacon

We Only Serve The Finest Ingredients!




We take pride in serving delicious gourmet meals with only the finest, freshest and highest quality ingredients. We include your favorite beverages, choice spirits, champagne and cater to your dietary preferences. Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan and all choices are welcomed!


If you have a special request...


Let us know!

We are open to 

your pure enjoyment,

making a dream or two come true and creating a delightful, relaxing vacation.


No dream to big or too small...


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