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The cabin is a hidden gem on the top of a mountain, with spectacular views and privacy, privacy, privacy. Perfect for a writing vacation, a                   honeymoon on a budget, 2 couples getting away from the winter deep freeze... or any other occasions that requires

                                               peace and quiet with all the comforts of home...    Glamping anyone? 

Cute dining table or desk!
Good Natural Light and Protective Screens!
Comfy Porch with an Incredible View of Misty Ghost Mountain!!
Wild Plants Everywhere!
Perfect Spot to dine Al Fresco!!
Plenty of Counter space!!
Cozy House Living Room!!
View from the porch!!
Plenty of room on the porch!!
Great Space!
Living Room!
Cozy House Back Porch!!
Delicate Bedding and More Cozy..... :>)
Sexy Pinks!!
Cozy House Front Entrance
View from Poech steps!!!
Pleanty of Local Produce!
Local spices!
Cozy House Front Door!!
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