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Workshops, Yoga Vacations, High School Trips,

Think Tank Seminars, Masterminds...

Light of Dawn is the perfect place for fun or focus...




White Water Rafting Tours
White Water Rafting Tours
Beach Activities
Horseback Tours
Zip Lining Tours
Ziplining Tours
Be Brave!!!  Go Zip Lining!!!

Looking for a place to host your group?


Light of Dawn can accomodate many different types of groups and can tailor a package suited to your individual needs. Costa Rica provides many outdoor activity choices and fun outings. 


For every level of physical fitness, there are things to do. Swimming, boating, hiking,

nature walks, river rafting, ziplining, birdwatching, deep sea fishing are just a few of the many ways to spend your time here.


The rainforest is a very special place, and every minute spent here is unique. The villa, the cabin or both are available depending on the size of your entourage.


We are very creative and will help you plan the perfect vacation or event!

We take special care to make sure each and every one of your expectations are met. We want you to enjoy the rainforest and we partner with many local businesses to give out guests priority treatment when it comes planning activites, outings and excursions.


On out 225 acres, there is much to see and do, so there is never a question of "what should we do?"


The rainforest is always busy changing, and each day brings new colors in the sky, new sounds to be heard and new animals to see. The many species of birds, butterflies and other animals provide a plethora of visual excitement. 


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