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San Jose Airport!!

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Info on traveling Costa Rica's Airports


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Getting to LIGHT OF DAWN can be as easy as a few plane rides, which is the quickest way... or a more adventurous and scenic route would be the  bus, we recommend the INTERBUS or... if you are comfortable driving from San Jose in a rented 4 wheel drive vehicle... You can make many stops along the way. The roads have recently been updated and the scenic route along the ocean is lovely to see. Also along the way, many Costa Rican artisans have road side shops where you can find beautiful wood furniture, sculpture, artisian pottery and many items unique to Costa Rica. Also, delicious  food shops featuring local fruits and vegetable dishes... Truly an adventure!


INTERBUS is a great company with many years in business. They have the best drivers in Costa Rica, speak English and have all the favorite routes in their itinerary for trips all over Costa Rica. The buses are clean, comfortable and air conditioned. Stops are made frequently for beverages, food and comfort stations. Travelling with INTERBUS is stress free

and a breeze in every way.

San Jose Airport

Quepos Airport is a very small airport about 35 minutes away from LIGHT OF DAWN. It is clean, comfortable and air conditioned.  You can catch the worlds first carbon neutral airline, NATURE AIR, from San Jose. The flight takes approximately 20 minutes.

Rent a Car
San Jose Airport is beautiful, modern, with many dining options and spacious facilities.

San Jose Airport is a modern, beautifully designed airport with many commercial airlines flying in. Located in the capital city of Costa Rica, it is aprroximatley 3 hours away from Quepos. You can catch a plane from this airport and fly directly in Quepos in about 20 minutes. Costs about $80.00 US dollars as of this writing. From the Quepos airport, LIGHT OF DAWN is about 35 minutes away by car.

San Jose Airport is 3 hours from Quepos!




You can get some great deals here in Quepos, there are many rental company choices and the people are helpful and friendly!

I'm sure your heart started fluttering and your smile broadened when you heard the words "Private Chauffeur", picturing a well dressed driver in a smart looking cap opening a limo for you!  







Perhaps you want a driver?


Well.... what me mean is.... one of our trusted staff will greet you at Quepos Airport and either take you to the car rental of your choice so you can rent your own car right then and there, or take you directly to LIGHT OF DAWN where you can get settled in and rest from travel.


The vehicle that will be at the airport to pick you up, will be one of our two 4 wheel drive workhorses. Either a lovely big truck or a gold color SUV complete with dust and mud ... Don't worry, there will be no mud or dust inside! Most likely, Pete will be at the airport with a sign and your name on it.


 If you don't want to drive at all, we can arrange a driver for you, to take you to the tours, town, shopping etc. There are local drivers available for this service. We can work that out when you contact us!


Most importantly..... Service with a SMILE!   We are committed to making your visit to our tropical paradise, fun, pleasurable, memorable and totally AWESOME!


We love our rainforest and get happy when people appreciate the beauty of it all.  


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